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The Strawberry Blonde

Regizat de Raoul Walsh
Statele Unite, 1941
Comedie, Dragoste


Biff Grimes is crazy about Virginia Brush, but his “pal” Hugo Barnstead marries her himself and makes Biff the fall guy for his shady dealings.

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The Strawberry Blonde Regizat de Raoul Walsh

Premii & Festivaluri

Academy Awards

1942 | Nominalizat Best Music, Scoring of a Musical Picture



Recenzii ale criticilor

Throughout both eras, Walsh summons an age of cobblestone streets illuminated by gas lamps with such vividness that one forgets the studio artifice. Cagney is so captivating as the surly, competitive, utterly ingenuous Biff that at times he seems to be working magic… The world conjured by Walsh is so appealing that one has no trouble sharing Biff’s nostalgia for the beer halls, band concerts, and park benches of yore, and above all for the unspeakably alluring Virginia.
June 12, 2017
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