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The Treasure


Regizat de Corneliu Porumboiu
România, Franța, 2015
Comedie, Dramă


The Treasure follows two men on their journey to discover treasure and the bumps along the way.

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The Treasure Regizat de Corneliu Porumboiu

Premii & Festivaluri

Cannes Film Festival

2015 | Câștigător: Un Certain Regard - A Certain Talent Prize

Indiewire Critics' Poll

2015 | Nominalizat Most Anticipated of 2016

Corneliu Poromboiu’s work is an acquired taste, to say the least. But if you can meet him on his uber-deadpan wavelength, The Treasure is his most successful film to date.
January 06, 2017
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The meticulousness of Porumboiu’s form provides ironic contrast to the hapless bumbling of his characters, creating an abiding air of melancholy deadpan that’s relieved only by the film’s jarringly triumphalist final image, a swooping crane shot that soars up to the heavens. After so long staring at the ground, simply looking up can feel like liberation.
December 09, 2016
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Drolly funny and rigorously executed, Corneliu Porumboui’s The Treasure offers a fine example of the conceptual boldness that characterizes much of New Wave Romanian cinema. To anyone watching the film’s early scenes, “boldness” may seem like the very last word to use: Stylistically, most of The Treasure is characterized by a dry functionality that speaks to the bureaucratic, financial, legalistic goings-on in the film. But that’s kind of the point. And it’s all going somewhere, trust me.
January 09, 2016
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