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The Trial

Le procès

Regizat de Orson Welles
Italia, Germania de Vest, 1962
Dramă, Mister, Thriller


One morning, two officers come for Josef K without any explanation. In order to find out about the reason of this accusation, he tries to look behind the facade of the judicial system. Orson Welles’s adaptation of Kafka’s The Trial was acclaimed for its cinematography and suggestive set designs.

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The Trial Regizat de Orson Welles
One of the films Welles claims was his best. It is not that but it is good, with striking locations and a unique intensity, although at times it seems to not move forward.
October 19, 2018
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The most intense and telling moment of the film comes when Joseph K finds himself in a small closet where two men (detectives he had lodged a complaint about) are being humiliated and beaten, their frightened faces intermittently illuminated by a swinging overhead lamp. In the closet, this small, hidden space, the threat of violence behind the meaningless absurdity of the bureaucratic monstrosity lives—the engine of fear which drives the system’s motor of conformity and hopelessness.
September 05, 2017
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Kafka’s symbolic novel of bureaucracy, law, and guilt captured something universal about the human condition. Welles literally explodes that to create a parable of the twentieth century, one that both embraces and destroys the Cult of the Individual.
June 12, 2015
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