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The Wedding March

Regizat de Erich von Stroheim
Statele Unite, 1928
Dramă, Dragoste, Mut


A roguish Viennese prince (played to perfection by von Stroheim) agrees to marry for money and position to help his family, then falls in love with a poor but beautiful girl. A masterpiece, blending romance and irony. (Leonard Maltin)

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The Wedding March Regizat de Erich von Stroheim

Recenzii ale criticilor

I seem to be in the minority in considering Erich von Stroheim’s 1928 extravaganza to be less than a masterpiece. It’s a bit obvious and redundant, and it doesn’t compare with Blind Husbands, Foolish Wives, Greed, The Merry Widow, or Queen Kelly. But it’s exceptionally subtle and witty at times (one highlight is an early sequence in two-strip Technicolor), and even minor Stroheim is considerably better than most other filmmakers’ major work.
March 01, 2002
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