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Total Recall

Regizat de Paul Verhoeven
Statele Unite, 1990
Sci-Fi, Acțiune


In the year 2084 A.D., a construction worker haunted by visions of the planet Mars discovers his memories have been implanted and sets off to uncover the truth about his past.

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Total Recall Regizat de Paul Verhoeven

Premii & Festivaluri

Academy Awards

1991 | 2 nominalizări, inclusiv Best Effects, Sound Effects Editing

1991 | Câștigător: Special Achievement Award

BAFTA Awards

1991 | Nominalizat Best Special Visual Effects

Hugo Awards

1991 | Nominalizat Best Dramatic Presentation

Awards of the Japanese Academy

1991 | Nominalizat Best Foreign Film

Verhoeven wasn’t the first to make a fugue state film, one in which everything on screen could conceivably be reality or a hallucination, but Total Recall marked a radical break from the increasingly simplified blockbusters that dominated the 1980s.
June 04, 2015
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Some of the first things about Total Recall I latched onto as a young cinephile were its dazzling production design and special effects, its breathless action sequences, its over-the-top violence—in short, its surface… Today, though, my appreciation for Paul Verhoeven’s mind trip goes beyond simple nostalgia, and hinges on how its seductive look and immediate visceral pleasures are wily in their concealment of grand themes.
May 28, 2015
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With the felicitous help of Jost Vacano’s characteristically lurid cinematography; Jerry Goldsmith’s suggestive soundtrack, which slips oneiric themes between bombastic brass horns and soaring synths; the outrageous make-up effects of Rob Bottin’s team; and ingenious location managers… Verhoeven here links underappreciated and everyday moral and philosophical dilemmas of identity and knowledge into a traditional and implausible hero narrative…
June 28, 2013
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