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White Slaves of Chinatown

Regizat de Joseph P. Mawra
Statele Unite, 1964
Dramă, Crimă, Erotic


Olga uses pot parties and comic-book violence to turn Gigi Darlene and other female captives into her WHITE SLAVES OF CHINATOWN before putting them to work as drug-addicted hookers.

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White Slaves of Chinatown Regizat de Joseph P. Mawra

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  • El Biffo's rating of the film White Slaves of Chinatown

    Joseph P. Mawra is one of the great directors of "Trashy Cinema", along with Russ Meyer and John Waters. Some may disdain the "Olga" films for being made without sound, and narration dubbed over, but I consider this a stylistic element, and Mawra's films loaded with style. This one and OLGA'S GIRLS are on you tube at the moment. If you like them, also seek out his trashterpiece, SHANTY TRAMP.

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