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Regizat de Pierre Étaix
Franța, 1965
Comedie, Dragoste


The travels of a ruined millionaire and a horsewoman. Their son becomes a clown and restores their fortune.

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Yoyo Regizat de Pierre Étaix
From a script by Jean-Claude Carrière, the film protracts and suspends time as the fates of the father and son subtly intertwine. The recently rediscovered Étaix, a physical comedian and one-time assistant of Jacques Tati, is as colorful an actor as he is a dynamic director, eliciting gravity from gags and humor from human nature in a manner as proficient as his more celebrated peers.
January 28, 2015
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Etaix as a comedian per se may be just below the first rank (his persona seems a little tentative, beyond a certain free-floating melancholy), but he stands alone as a comedy director who values the medium; his eye is excellent, not just pictorially (a procession of circus cars reflected in a lake; a high-angle shot of black-suited flunkies trudging into the distance under the eye of a watchful statue) but also in the sort of jokes he likes…
June 01, 2013
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It’s an extraordinary creation, funny and elegant and melancholy.
April 23, 2013
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