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Psychotropic Visions
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Enter the Void

Directed by Gaspar Noé
France, Germany, 2009
Avant-Garde, Drama, LGBT+
  • English
  • English
Psychotropic Visions


Oscar is an American drug dealer living with his sister in Japan. Killed during a drug bust, Oscar’s spirit enters the astral plane. His journey through life after death takes him back to the past and through the present neon club scene of Tokyo after dark.

Our take

This week’s double bill is of psychotropic visions from two of modern cinema’s most divisive auteurs. Gaspar Noé’s Tokyo-set audio-visual experience is stunning—a hallucinatory, first-person crawl through the metropolis by night. Enter the Void is cinema at its most phenomenal and visceral.

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Critics reviews

Both the Tibetan Book of the Dead and psychedelics get insinuated as guides to envisioning nonexistence—the sacred and the profane profoundly coupled, to the point that Enter the Void's plot starts to smack of silliness: sleaze and the divine piled so high. (Oscar is a drug dealer, his sister a stripper; the film includes an abortion scene.) Noé's remarkable, hypnotic visuals, however, keep the film (and Oscar) alive, buoyed—perhaps forever—upon a dazzling sea of dreams, movement, and memories.
April 01, 2015
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