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Directed by Cao Hamburger
Brazil, 2012
  • Portuguese
  • English


Xingu is about the real-life Villas-Boas brothers who worked for over 25 years to create a homeland for the indigenous peoples of the Amazon.

Our take

In this portrait of a near 30-year expedition to establish a reservation for the Amazon’s Kaiabi Indians, Brazilian director Cao Hamburger works in broad strokes on a vast canvas to craft a film of epic scope, potent simplicity, and of great historical and political relevance. An underrated gem.

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Awards & Festivals

Berlin International Film Festival

2012 | 3rd place: Fiction Film (Panorama Audience Award)

Tribeca Film Festival


What are people saying?

  • Matt Richards's rating of the film Xingu

    Xingu, a true story, follows the Orlando brothers contact in the mid 1940's with the isolated native tribes of Brazil and their later establishment of the Xingu national park. It's a tale of ignorance and the often devastating results of that desire to be the first. The story of indigenous dispossession is unfortunately all too familiar today but no less important. My only query..why not a documentary? 3 stars

  • Jenny's rating of the film Xingu

    Xingu follows three brothers who strive for adventure. They set out into Central Brazil to seek out the unknown. The film shows remarkable scenes of nature. I was not expecting to find an inspirational movie going into this film, but was pleasantly surprised. This movie is inspirational, has an amazing story and fantastic views of nature that unless traveled to could not be found in everyday life.

  • Calvin Head's rating of the film Xingu

    Xingu walks the line between an epic and a documentary, leaving reality to the viewers discretion. With as many inspiring moments as disheartening moments, this journey into the heart of a native tribe to go where no has gone before also peaks a little into the tendencies of human nature, the struggle for power and control. Though told in a jerky way, the film still captures an old world sense of whimsy and adventure

  • the prince's rating of the film Xingu

    "XINGU" is an extraordinary example of the power of personal compassion, persistence, and commitment to do something positive for indigenous peoples . . . reminding me of land-grabbing in Tanzania today of over 1,500 km2 of grazing land belonging to the Massai villages per Village Land Act 1999 and now wanted by the hunters from Dubai known as OBC.

  • Tigrão's rating of the film Xingu

    A very enjoyable, if slightly formulaic, drama with lavish visuals and good acting.