MUBI on Sony Devices

MUBI is now on Internet-enabled Sony devices in selected countries, and available at no additional cost to all subscribers.

How to set up MUBI on Sony Devices

Things you'll need

Before you set up MUBI on your Internet-enabled Sony device, you'll need these two things
  • A MUBI account
    If you don't already have an account with MUBI, you can sign up here. A MUBI account gives you free access to our social network of cinephiles, our forum filled with passionate discussion, and our online cinema magazine, Notebook.
  • An Internet-enabled Sony device
    This includes Sony Internet-enabled televisions, Sony Blu-ray Disc™ Players, Sony Network Media Players and Sony Blu-ray Disc Home Cinema systems.

Link MUBI to your Sony device

To use MUBI on your Internet-enabled Sony device, you'll need to link your MUBI account with your Sony device. It's an easy 3-step process
  1. Register your Sony device with Sony Entertainment Network
    Click here to sign in or create a Sony Entertainment Network account. Then register your Sony TV or Blu-ray device by clicking “Activate a Device” from the home page and follow the instructions.
  2. Link your Sony device with your MUBI account
    After you register your Sony device, click on the "Manage Premium Services" section, select the MUBI service and click the "Enable Service" button. This takes you to the MUBI website. Then just login to your MUBI account, and your Sony device is now linked to your MUBI account.
  3. Enjoy
    You can now purchase a MUBI subscription for unlimited access to MUBI films on your Sony device, or rent individual films on the MUBI website and watch them on your Sony device. Enjoy!

Frequently Asked Questions

What countries is this service available in?
MUBI is a global cinema platform available in 177 countries online.
How do I pay for or access MUBI's films on my Sony device?
Our service for Sony is optimized for MUBI's subscription service, which charges a monthly flat rate for unlimited access to MUBI's library of films available to watch in your area. You can also purchase individual films on the MUBI website or PS3 app, and then watch them on your Sony device.
I paid to rent a single film on or my PlayStation 3. Can I watch that rental on my Sony device?
As long as you have your MUBI account linked to your device, you can access films you've rented on the website or on the PlayStation 3 application.
Can I purchase credit on the MUBI website and use it to buy films on my Sony device?
No, you must redeem your credit on the MUBI website for a specific film, which will then become available to you to watch on your Sony device.
Can I watch free content on my Sony device without a subscription?
I am getting rid of my Sony device and would like to unlink my MUBI account from it. How do I do this?
Simply hit the unlink button at the top of this page.