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The 60s, Italian Style

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Woman Times Seven

Vittorio De Sica France, 1967


Leave it to Neo-Realist luminary Vittorio De Sica to conceive a film wherein we get not one but seven different variations of Shirley MacLaine. Woman Times Seven is a mosaic of delightful shorts circling around sex and relationships—with appearances from the likes of Alan Arkin to Michael Caine!

Il Boom

Vittorio De Sica Italy, 1963


Italian cinema’s go-to everyman Alberto Sordi (Mafioso) returns in today’s film, a comedy of class relations by Vittorio De Sica. Best known for his Neo-Realist classics, De Sica was also a dextrous director of comedy to which this satirical film of mid-life crisis stands as hilarious example.


Alberto Lattuada Italy, 1962


Is there more fun to be had at the movies than Italian cinema of the 60s? We’re showing three delightful from the era that defined Italian comedy, starting with Alberto Lattuada’s wicked satire (starring Alberto Sordi) of Sicilian crime that, in its jokes, has a lot say about the country in the 60s.

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