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Les solitaires

Jean-Paul Civeyrac France, 2000

Pierre’s wife, Madeleine, is dead, but he still sees her in his dreams. One day, his younger brother, Baptiste, comes back to live with him. A new life is possible, but Eva, Baptiste’s wife, comes back and divides the two brothers.

Young Girls in Black

Jean-Paul Civeyrac France, 2010

Noémie and Priscilla, two teenage girls from poor families, nourish the same violence, the same revolt against the world. They strongly disturb their loved ones who feel they could be capable of anything…

Through the Forest

Jean-Paul Civeyrac France, 2005

After the death of Renaud, her boyfriend, Armelle can’t possibly take him out of her mind. Her sister advises her to see a medium, in whose house she meets a boy who strangely looks like Renaud.

All the Fine Promises

Jean-Paul Civeyrac France, 2003

Upon discovering that her father had a mistress, cellist Marianne ditches her lover Etienne, and heads off in search of her.

Man's Gentle Love

Jean-Paul Civeyrac France, 2002

Raoul, a young man living at the beginning of the 21st century, who is part of the most fragile, unnecessary and appealing fragment of society. He goes from woman to woman, looking for love that seems unobtainable. But then he meets Jeanne, destined for freedom and tragedy.


Jean-Paul Civeyrac France, 2001

At the start of the new millennium, mysterious things are going on in Paris. People are disappearing, just like that, without explanation.They vanish into thin air and are never seen again.

Neither Eve Nor Adam

Jean-Paul Civeyrac France, 1996

Centred aound the relationship between two teenagers. Gilles is a wild young boy whilst Gabrielle is quite sensible. They go through a joyful and painful process trying to get close to each other.

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