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Acting Like a Child

MUBI Special

MUBI presents a series of film that puts the spotlight on tremendous acting by tremendously talented children. The great performances of children are too often ignored or forgotten due not just to lack of star power but literal lack of stature. While auteurs like Carol Reed and Jacques Doillon get all the attention, the wonder of films like The Fallen Idol and Ponette are to the incredible range and depth of emotion of actors Bobby Henrey and Victoire Thivisol.


Jacques Doillon France, 1996


Without hyperbole one may say that Victoire Thivisol in Jacques Doillon’s heart-breaking drama is possibly the greatest film performance of all time. She is captured somewhere between character and child, fiction and reality, creating a sense of cinematic inner life both touching and extraordinary.

Forbidden Games

René Clément France, 1952


One of the great films about childhood and the power of play, René Clément’s debut fosters the indelible presences of actors Brigitte Fossey and George Poujouly to showcase how the friendship of children, their imagination and ability to cope with fear, can achieve overwhelming poignancy.


Alexander Mackendrick United Kingdom, 1952


We continue our thematic investigation into childhood in cinema with this moving melodrama from British cinema luminary Alexander Mackendrick (The Ladykillers, The Man in the White Suit). A sincere generosity with complexity to match guides this nuanced and all-too-rare portrayal of disability.

The Fallen Idol

Carol Reed United Kingdom, 1948


We are proud to present a series that puts the spotlight on tremendous acting by tremendously talented children. This great mystery film gets due praise for director Carol Reed, but it is young actor Bobby Henrey’s whose curiosity, yearning for love, and preternatural sensitivity makes it a classic.

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