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Marcel Carné, Arletty, Jean Gabin

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One of cinema’s most beautiful on-screen pairings—French actors Arletty and Jean Gabin—seemed to bring out the best in poetic realist Marcel Carné (Children of Paradise).

Air of Paris

Marcel Carné Italy, 1954

expired 158 days ago

15 years and one world war later, Carné, Arletty and Gabin re-unite, and while the result isn’t the classic that is Le jour se lève, it is still an undeniable pleasure to see these two together again. Watching great actors age on-screen, chemistry intact, is one of the beguiling pleasures of cinema.

Le jour se lève

Marcel Carné France, 1939

expired 159 days ago

In this week’s double feature we see a brilliant collaboration—between director Carné & icons Arletty and Jean Gabin—across the decades, beginning with this masterpiece of the 1930s. An obvious influence on film noir, Carné beautifully draws out the fatal romanticism embodied in his gorgeous stars.

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