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Art of the Real

MUBI Special

We are excited to again collaborate with New York’s Film Society of Lincoln Center to exclusively bring you highlights from this year’s Art of the Real festival, which offers a survey of the most vital and innovative voices in nonfiction and hybrid filmmaking from across the globe.

Wild Relatives

Jumana Manna Germany, 2018


Concluding our collaboration with the Art of the Real showcase of new nonfiction films is a limpid, beautifully curious documentary, the second feature by Jumana Manna. Stretching from Lebanon to Norway, she asks vital questions and makes vivid observations about agriculture in our changing world.

The Image You Missed

Donal Foreman Ireland, 2018


The next film in our partnership with Art of the Real is an intimate film of great historical ambition. In Donal Foreman’s essayistic self-portrait, the artist reconnects with his late documentarian father and in the process uncovers unique distinctions in Irish identity and political struggle.


Juliana Antunes Brazil, 2017


Continuing our spotlight on the Art of the Real showcase, we proudly present a raw and powerful Brazilian film debut. Juliana Antunes’ relaxed, revealing drama provides an intimate exploration of the pressures placed on women—and their resilience, alone and communally—in a poor neighborhood.

The Modern Jungle

Charles Fairbanks, Saul Kak United States, 2016


Our final film from the Film Society of Lincoln Center’s Art of the Real shows the ethical complexities of nonfiction filmmaking. What is the relationship between cameraman and camera subject? What is owed, what is transacted? This film is a daring project of local documentation and uneasy exchange.

The Winds Know That I'm Coming Back Home

José Luis Torres Leiva Chile, 2016


We continue our series on Art of the Real, a festival that investigates cinema’s relationship with reality, with José Luis Torres Leiva’s clever nonfiction on film scouting in Chile. A calm, enveloping portrait of place and community, it is an erudite immersion into the complexities of island life.

Another Year

Shengze Zhu China, 2016


Next from the Film Society of Lincoln Center’s Art of the Real comes Shengze Zhu’s paradoxically epic immersion into the quotidian. An expansive yet intimate documentary of family gatherings, Zhu reveals a bounty of domestic details, class observations, inter-personal dynamics, pains and joys.

The Dazzling Light of Sunset

Salomé Jashi Georgia, 2016


We’re excited to again collaborate with the Film Society of Lincoln Center to exclusively show gems directly from the Art of the Real, which surveys the most vital voices in nonfiction and hybrid filmmaking from across the globe. We begin with Salomé Jashi’s dive into local Georgian news reporting.

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