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Back-To-School Series

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The Bling Ring

Sofia Coppola United States, 2013

Featuring some of the finest curation of needle drops in modern cinema, the ever divisive Sofia Coppola provides the best pop filmmaking has to offer with this probing yet sensitive (and appropriately hilarious!) look at celebrity, youth, and capitalism gone awry in the Hollywood hills. Glorious.


John Waters United States, 1990

The only thing better than a back-to-school movie about skipping school? 1950s Americana by way of queer maverick John Waters! With Johnny Depp in the lead and countless cameos (clever and trashy alike), Cry-Baby is at once a sardonic send-up and loving vision of the most iconic of American decades.

The Wave

Dennis Gansel Germany, 2008

This gripping drama calls to mind the infamous Stanford Prison Experiment, one of the most captivating of psychological fallouts, where normal people so quickly embraced the roles of oppressor and oppressed, powerful and powerless. Here, the German setting carries its own dark depths.

After Lucía

Michel Franco Mexico, 2012

Michel Franco (Chronic) won Un Certain Regard’s top prize with his debut, this unflinching study on bullying, vigorously tackling the vulnerability of wanting to fit in with a Hanekian aura. The violence of high school is rendered here with chilling precision—and brace yourselves for that ending!


Joachim Trier Norway, 2017

With an electrifying romance at its heart, Thelma plunges deep into its titular character’s soul to unleash long suppressed demons. Exquisitely blending the supernatural with the psychological, Trier has concocted a slow-burning Scandi update of De Palma’s Carrie likely to take your breath away.

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