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Barbara Hammer: Radical Softness

MUBI Special

“My life changed through touching another woman whose body was similar to my own. My sense of touch became my connection to the screen. I wanted the screen to be felt by the audience in their own bodies.” —Barbara Hammer

In collaboration with the London Short Film Festival, we are proud to present this double bill exploring the idea of ‘radical softness’—the power in being both abrasively feminine and openly vulnerable, subverting emotion from weakness to strength—through a radically soft camera and Barbara Hammer’s specifically haptic mode of filmmaking.

Superdyke Meets Madame X

Barbara Hammer United States, 1975


The second part of our tribute finds Barbara Hammer both in front and behind the camera. Melding candid confessions with a tactile exploration of the female body, this impressionistic portrait of a relationship between two women achieves striking physicality and is as intimate as it is performative.


Barbara Hammer United States, 1974


The London Short Film Festival turns 15 and to celebrate, we’re showing a double bill of fine avant-garde straight from this year’s program. Considered a pioneer of lesbian filmmaking, Barbara Hammer’s work on gender and sexual identity is essential, and Dyketactics is a landmark of queer cinema.

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