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Walerian Borowczyk Double Bill

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Polish director Walerian Borowczyk has always provoked audiences and pushed boundaries. This double bill bears testament to his fascinating journey from dazzling auteur to “arty pornographer”. His whole body of work is ripe for (re)discovery and we couldn’t be more excited to present two of his most important titles in glorious new high-definition restorations, approved by the director’s widow, Ligia Branice.

Immoral Tales

Walerian Borowczyk France, 1973

Borowczyk’s first sin? By some critical accounts, this film is when Boro went too far with his soft-core, erotic provocations, leaving behind the “art” in favor of exploitation. That didn’t stop it being a huge hit in France (surprise!), but with the result of dangerous damage to Boro’s reputation.

Goto, Island of Love

Walerian Borowczyk France, 1968

We’re excited to dedicate a double bill to the groundbreaking work of controversial expat Polish director Walerian Borowczyk. We begin with his first live-action feature—a distinctive, stylised fable of mythical proportions, in a glorious restoration including previously omitted colour sequences.

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