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Buñuel in the Jungle

MUBI Special

Death in the Garden

Luis Buñuel France, 1956


More Buñuel! Shot in brilliant Eastmancolor, Death in the Garden is one of the master’s most overlooked gems, a pulsating far-side-of-the-world adventure film alive with Buñuel’s surrealist gestures and subversive attitude. The star-studded cast includes Simone Signoret and Michel Piccoli.

Robinson Crusoe

Luis Buñuel Mexico, 1954


This week’s double bill: Luis Buñuel in the jungle! Himself an exile several times over, he had his biggest flirtation with Hollywood success by shrewdly rendering Daniel Defoe’s desert island classic as a satire on the madness of civilization. His first film in color, shaded like a fever dream!

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