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Buñuel: Surrealist Treasures

MUBI Special

We are delighted to present this series dedicated to one of cinema’s most subversive heroes, the man who extended Surrealism through five decades of the 20th century with his wry, darkly satiric dramas of the hypocrisies of the moneyed classes: Luis Buñuel.

That Obscure Object of Desire

Luis Buñuel France, 1977

To close our focus on the cinema maestro of Surrealism, who through five decades of the 20th century provoked audiences with his wry, darkly satiric dramas on the hypocrisies of the moneyed classes, we present his last ever film. A wickedly perverse take on human desire within a patriarchal society.

The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie

Luis Buñuel France, 1972

What secrets lurk inside a group of wealthy sophisticates who only want a nice, pleasant dinner party? Luis Buñuel’s Oscar-winning classic is one of his signal films, a fiendishly witty comedy bouncing through reality, dreams, faith, sex, and revolution with the lightest, cheekiest touch.

Belle de jour

Luis Buñuel France, 1967

Next in our cycle on Luis Buñuel, here is one of his masterpieces: a magnificently kinky dark comedy about secret desire. One of his biggest popular success, it continues to shock, provoke, and delight audiences to this day. And Mlle. Deneuve in YSL—sly, opaque, gorgeous—is nothing short of iconic.

Diary of a Chambermaid

Luis Buñuel France, 1964

We are delighted to bring to you a focus on the master of subversion Luis Buñuel, starting with his deliciously provocative and truly wicked satire. Jeanne Moreau is unforgettable as the maid whose presence reveals the dark currents of politics and desire in the countryside.

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