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John Carpenter Double Bill

MUBI Special

Writer, actor, composer, producer, and director—John Carpenter has pretty much done it all. MUBI presents a double bill of classics from the cult genre master, named by IndieWire as “the most underrated filmmaker of our time.”

Escape from New York

John Carpenter United Kingdom, 1981


John Carpenter’s cult classic epic plunges his muse Kurt Russell into an expressionist New York seemingly stuck in eternal night. The iconic presences of Lee Van Cleef and Ernest Borgnine, combined with peerless widescreen camerawork, shape this into a neo-western with an anti-authoritarian edge.

The Fog

John Carpenter United States, 1980


We welcome cult auteur John Carpenter’s triumphant entry into the 1980s after the unexpected success of Halloween with a back-to-back double feature of genre classics. A spooky-silly California ghost tale is transformed by Carpenter’s anamorphic widescreen images into ethereal, macabre atmosphere.

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