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Deception's Master: Two by Clouzot

MUBI Special

To mark the birthday of the great French master of suspense, we offer two masterworks produced in the turbulent, contrasting historical moments of occupied and post-war France. Inside both films’ complex cobwebs of deceptive games, they offer an essential look at a society in crises and rehabilitation.

Quay of the Goldsmiths

Henri-Georges Clouzot France, 1947


The oft controversial Clouzot adapted his stray memories of Stanislas-André Steeman’s inciting novel into this marvelous free-form crime-thriller. Set in the desperate yet equally promising times of post-war France, Quai de Orfèvres threw out the rule book to make something both audacious and true.

Le corbeau

Henri-Georges Clouzot France, 1943


Today we celebrate Henri-Georges Clouzot’s birthday with his sophomore masterpiece, Le corbeau. Going so far as working with a German studio in occupied France, Clouzot deceptively slipped social critique into this tale of small town duplicity. A dark yet essential exposé of the French bourgeois.

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