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Corneau/De Palma: The Psychosexual Thriller

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Is the original always better, or can remakes be superior? That is the question. One irresistibly delirious scenario, two irreverent filmmakers behind the camera, four fearless actresses in front. Intoxicating rivalry, disarming eroticism. Once you enter this hall of mirrors, there might be no turning back.


Brian De Palma Germany, 2012

The New Hollywood maestro has faced reevaluation this year with the arrival of the documentary De Palma, jointly concerned with his most celebrated and forgotten works. This feverish Hitchcockian remake of Love Crime has proven to be one of the latter—and yet is as masterful as anything he has done.

Love Crime

Alain Corneau France, 2010

Is the original always better or can remakes be superior? That is the question. We’re thrilled to present, back-to-back, two cinematic approaches to the same narrative. First up is Corneau’s posthumous erotic triller Love Crime, a high-voltage study of jealousy and manipulation with noir undertones.

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