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Tous en shorts avec Côté Court

MUBI Special

Nous sommes plus qu’heureux de renouveler notre partenariat avec Côté Court. Découvrez sur MUBI partout dans le monde cinq films primés en 2016 avant de nous rejoindre au Festival qui aura lieu du 7 au 17 Juin pour célébrer tous ensemble ces nouveaux talents.

The Revolution Isn’t a Gala Ball

Youri Tchao-Débats France, 2015

Lola is hitching rides at a highway rest stop, where she meets Karim, who accepts to take her to Paris. Lola would like to be a movie actress. Karim would like to change the course of history. The revolution will take place with or without them.

The Republic of Enchanters

Fanny Liatard, Jérémy Trouilh France, 2016

Ghislaine dances on the roof, Kamel makes himself look smart, and Salomon lies to his brother. Their three stories recount an entire high-rise block, a Republic of Enchanters.


Pablo Dury France, 2016

They say that the world got silent. They say that you went far away, with the cries, the laughs, the tomorrows. They say that the world has disappeared. But Oscar, he hears them whisper at night. Behind the walls, far from the men, at the end of the corridors…


Wissam Charaf France, 2016

Hani returns to his village in Lebanon, that he finds abandoned and hostile. In this country, end of route for the lost souls, Hani will have to relearn how to live.

The Chasm

Vincent Le Port France, 2015

In the North Finistère, in Brittany, it’s late October, the low season. It’s Célèste’s last day of work as a caretaker at a seaside camping ground. Just as she’s getting ready to leave, a child disappears…

Isabella Morra

Isabel Pagliai France, 2015

What is the connection between the wild fables of Adriana, a modern little girl, and the poetry of Isabella, accused by her brothers in the 16th century of treason? Here, Adriana is telling a story, Camille grumbling and Océane is trying to get her doll to speak its never-ending discourse.

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