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It's Only The End of The Year: Xavier Dolan

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Perhaps one of the most divisive figures of contemporary cinema, Xavier Dolan is either heralded as a precocious and ultra-talented auteur, or dismissed as a pompous and juvenile aestheticist, depending on whose camp you’re in. Nevertheless, Dolan has established himself as a leading enfant terrible of Québécois cinema of recent years, and a favourite of the Cannes film festival, where he won two major prizes. His films also resonate with the preoccupations of a generation that grew up with him, surrounding issues of gender and sexuality, often emphasized through a confrontation with family members. MUBI is thrilled to present a triple bill from his prolific filmography, representing an evolution in his lavish style, from his more personal Heartbeats full of visual experiments and sentiment, to the full-blown gay psychosexual thriller Tom At The Farm, and, in between, the epic and ravishing journey of gender transition Laurence Anyways.


Xavier Dolan Canada, 2010

For better or for worse, Xavier Dolan is one of the most divisive figures in contemporary cinema. That division partly started with this sophomore work, and for good reason: bombastic emotions, ostentatious colors, and bracing romanticism—and from where we’re standing, this is ecstatic filmmaking.

Laurence Anyways

Xavier Dolan Canada, 2012

A vibrant and baroque melodrama circling relationships, gender and love. Xavier Dolan, Canada’s resident enfant terrible, with his third film and its unyielding commitment to its central characters’ transition and plight, made perhaps his most accomplished and thematically rich film yet.

Tom at the Farm

Xavier Dolan Canada, 2013

To open our triple bill on prolific and precocious Québécois filmmaker Xavier Dolan, we present his lesser-known but all the more accomplished Tom at the Farm, which pulls the strings of the psychosexual thriller genre with poignant and claustrophobic achievement. Starring Dolan in the lead role!

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