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Double Bill: Jean Renoir

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We are thrilled to present a special double bill of two seminal films by one of cinema’s most important directors, Jean Renoir. These two classics display the humanism of Renoir’s work, populated with naturalist portraits of class struggle and everyday strife. Starring the iconic Jean Gabin—as a train engineer in La Bête Humaine and a prisoner of war in Grand Illusion—these films attest to the director’s place within the ‘Poetic Realism’ movement, but also his anti-war sentiment and his pioneering role in the birth of film noir.

La bête humaine

Jean Renoir France, 1938

Later tackled by Fritz Lang in Human Desire, Émile Zola’s classic novel acts as source material in the great Jean Renoir’s influential, impressively atmospheric psychological thriller—a fascinating forerunner to film noir. A hotblooded, high-powered, lurid love triangle, led by Jean Gabin.

Grand Illusion

Jean Renoir France, 1937

Our double bill on one of the greatest directors of all time, Jean Renoir, starts with Grand Illusion, his anti-war classic and a film of tremendous warmth, wit, and wisdom, starring Jean Gabin and Erich von Stroheim. Orson Welles once said if he could only choose to save one film, it would be this.

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