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Double Feature: Harmony Korine

MUBI Special

Harmony Korine burst onto the scene with the eternally controversial voyage into America’s underbelly known as Gummo, and since he has only dived deeper into the themes of alienation, celebrity, and class with each convention-defying effort. Prior to his unprecedented commercial success with Spring Breakers, Korine made the underrated Mister Lonely and Trash Humpers, which are worlds apart in narrative and form, yet entirely in sync in their explorations of the lonely souls left behind by every notion of an American dream.

Trash Humpers

Harmony Korine United States, 2009


Our Harmony Korine double bill is fulfilled with this one-of-a-kind anarchic cinematic nightmare set in the forgotten spaces & backlots of Nashville. With nothing but a video camera and unforgettable make-up effects, Korine delivers a poetry of American chaos that you’re unlikely to ever forget.

Mister Lonely

Harmony Korine United States, 2007


Director Harmony Korine has been a cult hero of American cinema for two decades now and Mister Lonely, one of his more low-key triumphs, shows his gift for oddball beauty and unique understanding of celebrity and outcasts. A strange, sweet, undiluted vision. Bonus: Herzog and Carax are in it!

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