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F.A.M.E - Film & Music Experience

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As the 5th edition of F.A.M.E — Paris’ international music film festival — is now in full swing at the Gaîté Lyrique, we’re excited to present a hand-picked selection of titles directly from their rich and powerful line-up, as well as two of our favourite films from previous years.

So let’s immerse ourselves into this eclectic, genre-blending mix of films, all offering a unique vision on the many interrelations between sound and image, music scene and cinematic experience!


Regina Demina France, 2019

To celebrate the beginning of the Paris music film festival F.A.M.E., we are thrilled to present some titles from their selection. First in line is an atmospheric short film (presented as a performance during the festival!) by artist Regina Demina, in which she is caught between torture and fantasy.

En fumée

Quentin Papapietro France, 2018

We continue our collaboration with the film and music festival F.A.M.E. with a lo-fi musical, a contemporary indie film self-produced with a small budget. This completely offbeat and wacky comedy involves politics, music inspired by Greek myths, and classic paintings.

A Bright Light: Karen and the Process

Emmanuelle Antille Switzerland, 2018

Our partnership with the music film festival F.A.M.E. is in full swing and we are thrilled to present this singular, kaleidoscopic biographical documentary, which acts as a travel diary and letter to the too-little known folk singer Karen Dalton. A surprising gem, exploring an unconventional life.

Rain the Color of Red with a Little Blue In It

Christopher Kirkley Niger, 2015

Our collaboration with F.A.M.E. continues with two films by Christopher Kirkley from the festival’s previous editions. We start with this ethnographic docufiction hybrid, exploring the Tuareg music scene of Saharan Niger–a glimpse into an underknown culture, carried by swirling, cinematic energy.


Christopher Kirkley United States, 2017

We close our F.A.M.E. partnership with a second film by the ingenious filmmaker (and founder of a West Saharan music label!) Christopher Kirkley: a psychedelic ethno-western inspired by a touareg folktale! With political undertones, Zerzura is a collaborative docufiction following a surreal journey.


Dominique Lohlé, Guy-Marc Hinant Belgium, 2017

Techno culture and anarchism are two alternative social forms that have much in common in their radical re-evaluation of all social relations. An overlooked but obvious thought that ‘Rage’ takes to the extreme in a philosophical rave party.

La Bouche

Camilo Restrepo France, 2017

A man learns of the brutal death of his daughter, murdered by her husband. Suspended time during which oscillate a need of appeasement and desire for vengeance.


Camilo Restrepo France, 2016

Fresh from the NYFF’s Projection strand of adventurous cinema is something completely unexpected: a micro-scaled musical about the search for a lost father, shot to look like a 1970s blaxploitation, and founded in the religious and cultural practices of the French island of Réunion. Stunning.

Jazz, Portrait of a Forgotten Soul of Detroit

Arno Bitschy United States, 2017

Her name is Jazz. A broken voice worn out by the life that reasons every Thursday, in the same club, for the same regulars, in Detroit.

Retour à l'inouï

Eliot Ratinaud France, 2017

When the night comes, we leave the noise of the city for deafening silence of the forest. There, the vast spaces fade away and we can hear the sound of our soul, between body and music.

Beats of the Antonov

Hajooj Kuka Sudan, 2014

Director Hajooj Kuka immerses us in the world of the Sudanese farmers, herders and rebels of the Blue Nile and Nuba Mountain regions, who defiantly celebrate their heritage and tend their lands in the face of a government bombing campaign.

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