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Festival du Film de Fesses

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Suzan Pitt United States, 1979

This candy coloured nightmare rocked audiences upon its release and catapulted maker Suzan Pitt to the front ranks of indie animation.

Indecent Desires

Doris Wishman United States, 1968

A man finds a doll in a garbage can, and seeing that the woman he lives with looks like the doll, he starts touching. However, the doll transmits these touches to her.

Bad Girls Go to Hell

Doris Wishman United States, 1965

After hubby Ted goes to work, Ellen putters around the apartment in her nightgown cleaning up. When she takes the trash out, the janitor forces her into his apartment and rapes her. When he tries to rape her again, she dispatches him and then hits the road, a fugitive from injustice.

Nude on the Moon

Doris Wishman, Raymond Phelan United States, 1961

Brilliant scientist Jeff inherits $3 million and builds his own rocketship. When he and the Professor reach the Moon, they find it inhabited by telepathic nudists with antennae. Suddenly, workaholic Jeff has time to learn about this thing called “love!”

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