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We’re incredibly excited to present a series highlighting the precious and too-rare relationship of great female friendships in cinema. From the emotional rollercoaster of teenage years to the bittersweetness of maturity, these are our favourite on screen girl duos.

The Runaways

Floria Sigismondi United States, 2010

In part concerned with the trials and tribulations of what it meant to be one of the first all female groups in the boys club that is rock & roll, The Runaways is also a cinematic tribute to women creating art. Directed with a fiery visual precision by seasoned music video auteur Floria Sigismondi.

Fried Green Tomatoes

Jon Avnet United States, 1991

Our series concerning female friendships continues on to the American south with the underrated Fried Green Tomatoes, a tale of healing, womanhood, and generational divide. A first-rate cast, an exceptional source novel, and a generous director make this something truly special.

Ghost World

Terry Zwigoff United States, 2001

Our series of female friendships moves from an imagination-flush New Zealand to the droll small city Americana of comicbook artist Daniel Clowes’ classic Ghost World. Thora Birch and Scarlett Johansson touchingly, hilariously nail the dynamic of a teenage sisterhood maturing into complex adulthood.

Heavenly Creatures

Peter Jackson New Zealand, 1994

Today we begin a series highlighting the precious and too-rare relationship of great female friendships in the cinema. And what better place to start than Peter Jackson’s dreamy masterpiece that unforgettably pairs Kate Winslet with Melanie Lynskey in a dark, fantastic vision of an unbreakable bond?

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