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For its 29th edition, the famous documentary festival FIDMarseille includes in its official selection new films by some of the best contemporary directors, who often sail between the ambiguous border between reality and fiction, memory and present, while exploring new aesthetics.
To celebrate the opening of the festival, we are proud to present films by Eric Baudelaire and Wang Bing, two directors who have their new films in competition this year, as well as, in exclusivity, a film of this year’s selection, Luke Fowler’s Electro-Pythagorus: A Portrait of Martin Bartlett.

Electro-Pythagorus: A Portrait of Martin Bartlett

Luke Fowler United Kingdom, 2017

The life and work of highly influential, yet little known, Canadian composer and microcomputer pioneer Martin Bartlett is resurrected in this lovingly constructed biographical essay which conveys a sense of intimate, holistic personal history.

Chronicle of a Chinese Woman

Wang Bing China, 2007

Master documentarian Wang Bing, who presented a new 8-hour film in Cannes last month, once again unearths stories from his country’s Maoist past. Stripped bare to the essential–an elderly woman, sitting in her home, faces the camera and delves into her memories–it is all the more compelling.

The Makes

Eric Baudelaire France, 2009

An inventive and amusing reflection on the interchangeability of reality and fiction, this is a film that doesn’t look like a film, and talks about films that don’t exist. A love letter to Antonioni through a solemn critical commentary of his apocryphal Japan period.

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