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Films about films (and unmade films)

MUBI Special

Is film the best medium to analyze itself and render the process of moviemaking visible? In order to reflect on this and other related questions, we are proud to present a series of films exploring the universe of other movies, ones that were finished…or not (perhaps an irrelevant detail). These three documentaries beautifully distill the art and practice of the cinema, while bringing us closer to such masterminds as Stanley Kubrick, Terry Gilliam and Jafar Panahi.

Lost in La Mancha

Keith Fulton, Louis Pepe United States, 2002

We continue our special meta-program of Films about Films with the behind-the-scenes of a movie that never was. A definitive cult classic of the genre and the cinematic epitome of Murphy’s Law, this document of a failure is also a triumph of the creative will and a celebration of dreaming big.

Room 237

Rodney Ascher United States, 2012

Rambling through the hedge-maze entertaining the various conspiracies that circle around The Shining, the Sundance fêted Room 237 is a down-the-rabbit-hole tribute to the endurance of this classic and the sustained, eager attention that fans have met King’s novel and Kubrick’s adaptation.

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