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Philippe Garrel: Fight for Eternity

MUBI Special

“Through art, we fight for eternity; but there’s no point because we’re mortal.” —Philippe Garrel

MUBI is thrilled to present a global retrospective of the great French director Philippe Garrel, a revolutionary and poet of the cinema from the post New Wave generation. Beginning with radical early films made in the shadow of May ‘68 and continuing with his recent dramatic films collaborating with actors ranging from Catherine Deneuve and Jean-Pierre Léaud to his own family members, the retrospective showcases the profound beauty of Garrel’s body of work.

Wild Innocence

Philippe Garrel France, 2001


The last film in our retrospective on Philippe Garrel (and the last ever shot by Raoul Coutard) sees this highly personal director—whose dramas flirt with autobiography, reveries and memories recast in celluloid—explore the emotional turmoil of a movie production whose story is undeniably personal.

The Wind of the Night

Philippe Garrel France, 1999


Garrel’s stark lyricism seems naturally suited to his trademark black and white—however, his work with color is equally poignant. The Wind of the Night is an unequivocally Garrelian look at the inescapable vulnerability of being human, showing us a side of Madame Deneuve we’re not used to seeing.

The Birth of Love

Philippe Garrel France, 1993


The profound melancholy running through the veins of Garrel’s work makes it achingly intimate. Here the French master of romanticism delves into his signature themes of broken love and longing to question the place of men in the world, with Léaud & Castel unforgettably embodying the passage of time.

Les hautes solitudes

Philippe Garrel France, 1974

Available to rent

Described by Garrel himself as “a film made out of the outtakes of a film that never existed,” this is a silent, transfixing portrait shot on elegiac black and white recalling Andy Warhol’s famed screen tests. Brace yourself for a prophetic, utterly poignant scene foreshadowing Jean Seberg’s death.

The Virgin's Bed

Philippe Garrel France, 1969

Available to rent

The first feature length film by our retrospective focus, Philippe Garrel, is a cinematic conflagration and re-invention of Biblical storytelling for a culture and an audience having just passed through the convulsions of May ’68. Unabashedly radical and ambitious, with an epoch-defining cast.

Le révélateur

Philippe Garrel France, 1968

Available to rent

We are delighted to launch a new retrospective devoted to the poetic cinema of auteur Philippe Garrel, whose new film debuts in Cannes this month. We begin in Garrel’s feracious 20s with the first film he made with the radical Zanzibar art collective. Silent and haunting: a dream in black and white.

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