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Pere Portabella: General Report on Spain

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The cinema of Pere Portabella, as radical as it is lucid, has never failed to offer a new space for rethinking reality, fiction, and the political dimension of the two. These are turbulent, decisive times for Spain, and we feel incredibly honored to present, back-to-back, two works by the legendary Catalan artist, politician and filmmaker, made 40 years apart, that superimpose two crucial moments in the History of the country, Europe, and the world. Two brave, determined, pertinent attempts at capturing the essence of political practice, investigating the role of societies and individuals in the structures of power, both visible and invisible.

General Report II: The New Abduction of Europe

Pere Portabella Spain, 2016


If the first General Report was a rumination on the transition from an oppressive regime to a democratic state, in this implacable, necessary sequel Portabella dissects—40 years later—the brutal crisis devouring Europe today. These are turbulent times for Spain, and this film is essential viewing.

General Report

Pere Portabella Spain, 1977


The lucid, radical work of Pere Portabella creates an invaluable space for rethinking reality, fiction and the political dimension of both. We’re honored to present two films that bridge crucial moments in the History of Spain (and Europe) starting with this monumental landmark of activist cinema.

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