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Genre Maestro

MUBI Special

A double bill of stellar genre films from the late 1960s by Italian director and screenwriter Carlo Lizzani.

Kill and Pray

Carlo Lizzani Italy, 1967


Carlo Lizzani is best known for his work in that quintessential late 60s, early 70s (and quintessentially Italian) genre of the Spaghetti Western. His angle in this classic is sharply more political, helped by an appearance by Pasolini (and his muse, Ninetto Davoli!). Starring the great Lou Castel.

Wake Up and Die

Carlo Lizzani France, 1966


This week’s double feature highlights the diverse genre mastery of Italian Carlo Lizzani. Based on the story of a real gangster, our first film presages the trend of Italian crime films in the 70s while judiciously riffing off the criminal romance of the New Wave. Co-starring Gian Maria Volontè.

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