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Kills! Thrills! Chills! A Halloween Triple

MUBI Special

As Halloween appears at the shadowy end of October, we approach it with eager trepidation: a short series of very different kinds of horror movies, each exploring the darkness within and without in their own distinct ways.

Four Flies on Grey Velvet

Dario Argento Italy, 1971

Our series of thrills and chills has reached the final killer: a completely bonkers giallo by Suspiria mad genius Dario Argento. Leave plausibility at the door and revel (or squirm) in the maestro’s set-pieces and contraptions of music, voyeurism, technology and murder. Music by
Ennio Morricone.

Experiment in Terror

Blake Edwards United States, 1962

Our Halloween special continues with this sinister classic from Blake Edwards, best known as a comedy director. A San Francisco-set thriller about home invasion and blackmail, it continues the trend set by Psycho, mixing pulp material and modernist seriousness. With a classic score by Henry Mancini.

The Driller Killer

Abel Ferrara United States, 1979

Our Halloween Series kicks off with this nearly uncategorizable horror film from Italian-American iconoclast Abel Ferrara. A mosaic of genres—a punk concert movie, a sex comedy, an avant-garde mood piece—The Driller Killer is an exacting portrait of artistic and financial anxiety.

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