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MUBI Special

Four films look at the hopes and travails of those fighting with their fists and those kicking to win. Documentary and fiction, Ukraine to Israel, cage matches to mine fields, it matters not: the stories are specific, but sport is universal.


Mushon Salmona Israel, 2007


We conclude our Hand & Foot series with another portrait of childhood passion for soccer. In Israel, as in many other countries, the structure the sport provides, as well as its passkey to possible career play, are a boon and source of hope and life goals for the disenfranchised and marginalized.

The Colors of the Mountain

Carlos César Arbeláez Colombia, 2010


After two fighting films we move our Hand & Foot series to the importance of soccer in the world—and from documentary to fiction. Yet this film’s idea is hardly fictitious, wisely seeing childrens’ love for soccer as inextricable from the culture, society and politics in which they play their games.


Petra Epperlein, Michael Tucker United States, 2011


Our second fighting film in our Hand & Foot series shifts the setting from Ukraine to Louisiana and the style of combat from traditional boxing to upstart (and now mega-popular) MMA. A sport whose trials and tribulations are underexposed outside its own culture, this doc is eye-opening.


Sebastian Dehnhardt Germany, 2011


Today we begin Hand & Foot, a four film series of films that explore the drama and stories surrounding boxing and football in cinema. World Heavyweight Champion is something amazing; two brothers who box also something unique…but two brothers who have each been world champions? That is special.

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