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Happy Birthday, Derek Jarman

MUBI Special

MUBI celebrates the birthday of Britain’s groundbreaking visionary with a trio of his fabulously iconoclastic films, starring Tilda Swinton, Laurence Olivier in his last screen role, and cinema’s most memorable color blue.


Derek Jarman United Kingdom, 1993

expired 320 days ago

Today we conclude our celebration of the life and art of Derek Jarman with Blue. A pained yet resolute goodbye articulated in Jarman’s iconoclastic form, distilled to its most minimal, immediate and emotional components. Blue is the closing note to an always brilliant and subversive artistic vision.

The Last of England

Derek Jarman United Kingdom, 1988

expired 321 days ago

We continue to celebrate the life and art of Derek Jarman with The Last of England, a meditation on British society under Thatcher. Shot in a dreamlike combination of Super 8mm and video, this is an aggressive rejection of the values of populist cinema at the time, and one of Jarman’s finest works.

War Requiem

Derek Jarman United Kingdom, 1989

expired 322 days ago

Today we celebrate the birthday of one of the finest filmmakers the United Kingdom has yet produced: Derek Jarman. War Requiem offers us Jarman’s unique revision of the silent film in order to cast a powerful glance on history and war throughout the ages. Starring Tilda Swinton & Laurence Olivier.

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