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Hong Sang-soo Times Two

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A double feature of selections from the prolific South Korean writer/director with no shortage of Hong’s signature themes of art, travel, and romantic entanglements. From Night and Day—a thoroughly French take on Hong’s cinema complete with a Paris-set tale complete with Eric Rohmer influences—to the 2016 Golden Leopard winner Right Now, Wrong Then, an irresistible audience favorite from Hong’s oeuvre.

Night and Day

Hong Sang-soo South Korea, 2008

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Hong Sang-soo Times Two

In a new double bill, we welcome you to the delightful (and perversely) surreal world of Korean auteur Hong Sang-soo. This sojourn to France is a modestly quotidian epic and one of his best, a New Wave homage to Parisian flâneurs told in Hong’s style of mysterious coincidence and comic awkwardness.

Right Now, Wrong Then

Hong Sang-soo South Korea, 2015

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Hong Sang-soo Times Two

Our Hong Sang-soo double bill concludes with this wickedly conceptual comedy of melancholy and life choices. Perfectly divided in a bifurcated structure of two dueling narratives of varying possibilities, chance, and outcome, all of Hong’s storytelling gambits pay off in this Golden Leopard winner.

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