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Isabelle Huppert: Performance as Rebirth

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Few actors in cinema have accomplished and explored as much as Isabelle Huppert has in her career. Having starred in over 120 films, and nominee of no fewer than 16 Césars, Huppert is a true force of emotion who journeys inside the furthest reaches of only the most complicated women.

Huppert once said that “Every film you make is a form of rebirth,” an aphorism that rings true in all of her soul-baring performances, which acutely make every emotion, whether expressed or repressed, entirely palpable.

This pairing of films by Michael Haneke and Michel Deville finds Huppert vividly swinging between the extremes: fighting for her family’s survival at the end of times in Haneke’s Time of the Wolf, and as a young, adventurous woman dueling with her older, powerful husband and his possessiveness in Deep Water. Whether enveloped by desire or catastrophe in these films, Huppert renders her characters with a crystalline sense of measure and indelible personhood.

Time of the Wolf

Michael Haneke Austria, 2003

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Isabelle Huppert:
Performance as Rebirth

We complete the double feature devoted to Isabelle Huppert with this journey into the dark side of humanity. After first working with Michael Haneke—and winning Best Actress in Cannes—on The Piano Teacher, she teamed up with him again for this eerie and evocative tale of post-apocalyptic survival.

Deep Water

Michel Deville France, 1981

This scintillating adaptation of Patricia Highsmith begins our double bill on the irresistible force that is Isabelle Huppert. Shot on the island of Jersey, Deep Water casts the actress opposite of Jean-Louis Trintignant in a power struggle beyond measure. Psychosexual cinema at its very best.

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