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Israel's Police

MUBI Special

A double feature that delves into the complexities of the Israeli police, by two of contemporary cinema’s most important Israeli directors: Nadav Lapid and Avi Mograbi,

The Reconstruction

Avi Mograbi Israel, 1994


From a fiction about the Israeli police we move to non-fiction…in a way. Independent and deeply incisive Israeli documentarian Avi Mograbi looks not at dramatic thrills but rather at institutional procedure and the nature of re-visiting and re-imagining a crime.


Nadav Lapid Israel, 2011


The job of policing Israel is not only a matter of ensuring law and order. This week our double feature delves into the complexities of the Israeli police, beginning with this stunning, politically volatile film that marked Nadav Lapid (The Kindergarten Teacher) an exciting new directorial talent.

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