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Jacques Rivette Tribute

MUBI Special


Jacques Rivette France, 1981


Our final rare film from Jacques Rivette is generally considered a failure—but what a failure! Two 1970s greats—Maria Schneider and Joe Dallesandro—collide in a bewildering, free-wheeling experimental drama that sent the director into a breakdown and left the film unjustly unreleased for years.


Jacques Rivette France, 1976


Our next rare film from New Waver Jacques Rivette is what Jonathan Rosenbaum describes as a fusion of a female pirate adventure, mythological fantasy, Jacobean tragedy, experimental dance film, and personal psychodrama, for a wildly risky film that now seems unimaginable today.


Jacques Rivette France, 1976


This month, we pay tribute to Jacques Rivette, the best kept secret of the New Wave, whose free-form tales of conspiracy and game-playing inspire clandestine fervor. He followed his masterpiece Celine and Julie Go Boating with this phantasmal noir, starring the great Juliet Berto and Bulle Ogier.

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