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Jean Genet: The Song, The Artist

MUBI Special

Celebrating the birthday of one of the 20th century’s most transgressive and influential artists with his 1950 masterpiece Un chant d’amour and a documentary portrait made in his final years.

Jean Genet: An Interview with Antoine Bourseiller

Antoine Bourseiller France, 1981


After yesterday’s transgressive masterpiece by French artist Jean Genet, __Un chant d’amour_, you can now spend time with the man himself. Antoine Bourseiller’s short feature, made 5 years before Genet’s death, provides a picture and reflection of one of the 20th century’s most influential creators.

A Song of Love

Jean Genet France, 1950


Earlier this year, we presented Todd Haynes’ debut Poison. Now we highlight the thinker and artist who inspired it, Jean Genet, on his birthday. His (in)famous, poetic Un chant d’amour, declared obscene by the Supreme Court, left an incalculable impact on underground filmmakers to this day.

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