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Joanna Hogg: Italy/England

MUBI Special

A double feature from the remarkable British director Joanna Hogg exploring with penetrating precision the social and class dynamics of the upper-class English on vacation in Tuscany and at home in a posh, modernist house in London.


Joanna Hogg United Kingdom, 2013


Joanna Hogg returns home from her two Italian-set films for a penetrating exploration not only of a marriage among artists but also of how your home defines how you live in it and along with others. Architect James Melvin’s glass-shrouded London house is as much a character as the couple inside it.


Joanna Hogg United Kingdom, 2007

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This week our double feature is spotlighting one of Britain’s best filmmakers, Joanna Hogg. With this she transitioned from working in television to a new, completely unpredictable career in cinema. A penetrating examination of the class that can vacation in Italy—and co-starring Tom Hiddleston.

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