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Kitano x 3

MUBI Special

The impressively multi-faceted Takeshi Kitano—TV personality, comedian, author, poet, columnist, singer, painter—is also one of Japan’s unquestionable filmmaking heroes. We present a triple feature of the auteur’s best films, three masterpieces of sublime simplicity and staccato force.

Kids Return

Takeshi Kitano Japan, 1996

Takeshi Kitano’s spirited youth film concerns the coming-of-age and friendship of two displaced young men and their foray into the world of underground boxing. With music by Joe Hisaishi, and an unforgettable use of colour cinematography, Kids Return is a richly emotional paean to youth.


Takeshi Kitano Japan, 1999

Our second film by Japanese auteur Takeshi Kitano further enriches our image of his cinema as a combination of bloody genre and moving sentiment. Paying homage to The Wizard of Oz and Chaplin’s The Kid, Kitano clashes his tough guy yakuza film image with the yearning naivete of childhood.


Takeshi Kitano Japan, 1997

Who’d have expected a Japanese TV host and comedian to turn to such poignant filmmaking? This week we have a triple feature of some of Takeshi Kitano’s best films, masterpieces of sublime simplicity and staccato force. This is our favorite, combating unsparing violence with bare sentimentality.

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