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Autopsy of the Past: The Films of Pablo Larraín

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Chilean filmmaker Pablo Larraín has become in the last decade a major voice in contemporary cinema—something that definitely didn’t not go unnoticed by Hollywood, who chose him to direct last year’s eagerly awaited portrait of America’s first lady, Jackie. We are tremendously excited to be dedicating a retrospective to the Chilean films of Larraín, a consistent and extraordinary body of work in which he stubbornly interrogates the politically troubled past of his country, and dissects the monster of dictatorship and its side effects with intelligence, sharpness and dark humour while demonstrating impressive skill in the direction of actors and mise en scène.


Pablo Larraín Chile, 2016

Chile, 1948: Senator Pablo Neruda, diplomat and future Nobel Prize-winning poet, accuses the government of betraying the Communist Party and is swiftly impeached. Pursued by the police, Neruda and his artist wife are forced into hiding and an intimate game of cat and mouse begins.

The Club

Pablo Larraín Chile, 2015

The extraordinarily talented Chilean filmmaker Pablo Larraín keeps exploring the darkness of the human soul through his work. He grabbed the Berlinale’s Silver Bear with this brave, caustic, brutally unforgiving punch in the face that has been shocking audiences worldwide ever since. A horror film?


Pablo Larraín Chile, 2012

With his first collaboration with Gael García Bernal, Pablo Larraín scored a true art-house hit. Shot on vintage video cameras, the film boasts a rare authenticity and its aesthetic of immediacy is nothing short of genius. No closes Larraín’s accidental Pinochet trilogy with wit, humour and hope.

Post Mortem

Pablo Larraín Chile, 2010

Our retrospective of Pablo Larraín’s films continues with the second instalment in his unintentional dictatorship-era trilogy. A chilly, slow-burning drama, Post Mortem is simultaneously droll and stark, witnessing a political nightmare in super-widescreen and with a distinctly offbeat sensibility.

Tony Manero

Pablo Larraín Chile, 2008

Pablo Larraín has been making masterful, politically cutting and darkly comic sharp autopsies of the past in his native Chile since this breakthrough. Tony Manero, a satirical psychological study and the first part of a thematic trilogy about life under Pinochet, is biting, confrontative cinema.


Pablo Larraín Chile, 2006

Chilean filmmaker Pablo Larraín’s talent didn’t go unnoticed by Hollywood, who chose him to direct the portrait of America’s first lady, Jackie. We’re thrilled to launch a retrospective of his six films made in Chile with his little-seen debut—a twisted tale of insanity and infernal classical music.

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