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Love Triangle

MUBI Special

We are thrilled to present a program in homage to the prolific filmmaker Christophe Honoré: a rule-breaking (and César-winning!) writer-director, and a vital voice of contemporary French cinema.

A figure of fearless filmmaking, in and out of the context of queer cinema, Honoré has done it all, and throughout his irreducible oeuvre, has done it in his own unconventional way—tackled taboos, thoughtfully depicted the lives of young people, experimented in gender and genre, updated classic French literature (La Belle Personne, Ma Mere_) and, à la Jean-Luc Godard or Jacques Demy, even rewritten the rules of the New Wave musical (_Love Songs).

Man at Bath

Christophe Honoré France, 2010

Featuring porn star François Sagat and Chiara Mastroianni, Homme au bain, whose title is a reference to a Caillebotte painting, is set between Gennevilliers and NY, where Omar and Emmanuel spare each other nothing in order to prove to one another they are no longer in love.

Making Plans for Lena

Christophe Honoré France, 2009

Christophe Honoré continues his exploration of relationships with this portrait of a woman caught between the pressures of her family and her romantic desires for a younger man. Perfect chemistry between Chiara Mastroianni & Louis Garrel enliven this as an entirely engrossing French drama.

Love Songs

Christophe Honoré France, 2007

In spite of emotive bursts into song, this throwback to the ’60s musical is a personal, deeply felt film for its director. An intriguing, bold work at the same time self-conscious and sincere—with an ensemble cast that includes Honore’s regular collaborators Louis Garrel & Chiara Mastroianni.

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