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I Thought of Home: Two Films By Jonas Mekas

MUBI Special

We are celebrating cinema giant and the godfather of truly independent filmmaking Jonas Mekas, on the occasion of the premiere of his new work From the Notebooks of a Cinema Maniac. Still young at 94, this “man with a movie camera” (at first a Bolex, now a digital handycam) has devoted no less than seven decades to capture occasional glimpses of beauty in the everyday—and we can only thank him for that.

Lost, Lost, Lost

Jonas Mekas United States, 1976

Follow Jonas Mekas on another deeply personal, delightfully idiosyncratic, remarkably free-ranging, and ultimately powerfully searching diary film. An interpretive chronicle of the Lithuanian’s struggle to find a sense of home in mid-century Brooklyn, it’s a profound expression of longing and hope.

Reminiscences of a Journey to Lithuania

Jonas Mekas United States, 1972

On the occasion of the premiere of his latest work, we’re honoured to dedicate a special program to the one and only Jonas Mekas. Pioneer of the diary film, his relentless oeuvre confirms the “home movie” as a film form. Reminiscences is one of the finest examples of intimacy ever put on celluloid.

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