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Group Behaviour: Two Films by Ruben Östlund

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There were “snubs” aplenty at this year’s Oscars, and one of them was Ruben Östlund’s razor sharp art world satire The Square not getting the Academy Award for Best Foreign Picture. We love this slyly comedic, socially skewering director, and to celebrate the theatrical release of his latest, Palme d’Or winner masterpiece, we’re unearthing two of his early works, centered around group behaviour observation and the power dynamics in everyday human interaction, in an effort to better expose his mischief to you.


Ruben Östlund Sweden, 2011

The second part of our Östlund double bill lays the groundwork for what was to become his signature touch: impeccable, eloquent visual storytelling and sagacious observation of social power dynamics. This dissection of Swedish race tensions and white privilege is incisive, fiercely shrewd cinema.


Ruben Östlund Sweden, 2008

We love the slyly comedic, socially skewering cinema of Ruben Östlund and to celebrate the release of his razor sharp, Palme d’Or winner art world satire The Square, we’re unearthing two of his early works—centered around group behaviour observation—in an effort to better expose his mischief to you.

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