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Philippe Garrel's Trilogy of Love

MUBI Special

French director Philippe Garrel, a great poet of the cinema and a subject of a 2017 retrospective on MUBI, has devoted his last three films to explore variations on themes of love, jealousy and deceit. Each shot in lustrous black and white celluloid and told with the brisk concision of the finest 19th century novellas, this collection perfectly embodies Garrel’s gift for capturing the anguish, beauty, and complexity of love. We are proud to present Philipp Garrel’s tender and soulful thematic trilogy: Jealousy (2013), In the Shadow of Women (2015), and recent MUBI Release Lover for a Day (2017).

In the Shadow of Women

Philippe Garrel France, 2015


We round out Philippe Garrel’s three most recent films—each akin to a brisk novella and gorgeously shot on black and white 35mm—with this light drama of love and doubled infidelity. A portrait of a complicated adult relationship between a brooding Stanislas Merhar and an incredible Clotilde Coureau.

Lover for a Day

Philippe Garrel France, 2017

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We’re proud to follow our 2017 retrospective of Philippe Garrel with the auteur’s new film! A lithe romantic triangle, Garrel only needs the barest means—plus black & white 35mm—to tell a lovely story of two young women (one played by his daughter, Esther) trying to find what love means to them.


Philippe Garrel France, 2013


Following our MUBI retrospective of the great auteur Philippe Garrel, we now showcase his three beautiful recent films, a thematic trilogy of love that soulfully explores the challenges and joys of the most tender of emotions. The filmmaker’s own son stars in this delicate exploration of jealousy.

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